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    Climate Fresk - Facilitator Training
    Provider   Centre for Sustainable Development

    Completed the Climate Fresk Discovery Workshop? Want to become a trainer Climate Fresk Workshop facilitator in only 3 hours? Then sign up here for the Climate Fresk Facilitator Training Workshop and become a Strathclyde Climate Education Leader!

Duration 3 hours

Course Type Workshop

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Target Audience: Staff and Students who have completed the Climate Fresk Discovery workshop

Building on your experience as a previous participant, the on-line training session is conducted over Teams, with an experienced facilitator trainer from the Climate Fresk organisation. They will take you through the toolkit you need for effective facilitation, how to use the supporting materials, and provide useful tips and advice for you to follow when facilitating your workshops. You will also have access to all of the supporting tools and training materials provided by Climate Fresk for future reference.

However, the truth is that the workshop is designed to involve little intervention from facilitators, and encourages the participants to make the cause and effect connections themselves, and engage in discussion around these.

Following this session you will be a trained facilitator and will be eligible to sign up both the Climate Fresk UK facilitation network, and StrathCAN (the Strathclyde Climate Ambassadors Network). These networks will help you find opportunities to practice your new-found facilitation skills and give you the confidence to set up your own workshops for your students, staff, friends, family, community, anyone really – with the support of fellow StrathCAN members.

Delivered By: Climate Fresk


You must have completed a Climate Fresk Discovery Workshop as a participant to undertake the facilitator training