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Asset Management     show
The University has a centralised asset management system. This course is designed for users who will be inputting and maintaining assets/inventory for the University

Target Audience: Staff

Dynamic Personal Distribution Lists     show
Dynamic Personal Distribution Lists (DPDLs) allow staff to create, maintain and use email addresses which target groups of staff, PGs and UGs.

Target Audience: Staff

How to manage your research data     show
The following on-line training course is provided by RDMS and provides an introduction to research data management.

Target Audience: Staff and Postgraduates

Induction to IT and Library services     show
This is an induction training session for new University staff which provides an introduction to IT and Library services.

Target Audience: New Staff

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - Contributing to Existing SharePoint Sites     show
This course will support users who use SharePoint 2013 for editing and uploading documents, adding calendar items and maintaining lists.

Target Audience: Staff

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - General Site Administration     show
This advanced course provides an introduction to the Site Collection Administrator and Site Owner roles in SharePoint 2013. It focuses on creating and maintaining pages, lists, libraries and views and also covers versioning and the recycle bins.

Target Audience: Staff

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 – Sites, Subsites and Permissions     show
This advanced course provides Site Collection Administrators and Site Owners with an introduction to creating and maintaining subsites and meeting sites and also covers Groups and Permissions in detail.

Target Audience: Staff

Skype for Business Demonstration     show
A short overview of Skype for Business, showcasing the key benefits and functionality of the University's new unified communications platform

Target Audience: Staff and Postgraduate Researchers