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AFRC AED Operation Overview     show
Provides staff with an overview of the operation of fully automatic external defibrillators.

Target Audience: AFRC Staff

AFRC Safe Use Of Ladders     show
This course gives an overview of the requirements for using ladders as a place of work at height and is aimed at AFRC personnel who use ladders themselves or need to evaluate the possible use of ladders by external service providers.

Target Audience: All AFRC staff

AFRC_PUWER Refresher     show
To provide refresher training on the requirements of the Provision & Use of Work equipment Regulations.

Target Audience: AFRC Machine Owners, Engineering, Technical & Research Staff

AFRC_Team Lead H&S Culture Awareness     show
AFRC Team Lead H&S Culture Awareness.

Target Audience: AFRC Management & Team Leads.

NMIS _Engaging & Controlling External Service Providers     show
This course provides NMIS staff with an understanding of why external service providers must be controlled and the way in which this is achieved.

Target Audience: NMIS Staff

NMIS Hydrofluoric Acid Training Course     show
To provide an overview of the nature and hazards of working with Hydrofluoric Acid, and the process and controls required to work safely with this acid.

Target Audience: NMIS Staff