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    Advanced Purchasing Workshop
    Provider   Finance Training

    An advanced session of FMS purchasing for users who are proficient with the purchasing elements of FMS and want to learn more advanced functions.

Duration 3 hours

Course Type Workshop

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: Staff who frequently make purchases from FMS

This is an advanced session for users who currently use the procurement menu to raise orders on FMS and wish to expand their knowledge.   

You can only attend this session if you have attended the basic purchasing sessions and are using FMS regularly.  

This sesssion will cover: 

  • Useful Purchasing Reports & Enquiries
  • Managing call off orders
  • View payment information
  • Practical examples of everyday queries relating to purchases
  • Overview of the payments team and their role in processing payments.
  • Commitment release
  • When to contact the help desk for further help and support.

Delivered By: Finance


You must have attended both basic purchasing sessions and are using FMS regularly for purchasing.