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    SPIRAL - Writing for The Conversation
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    The Conversation is a news website with content written by researchers and academics working with professional journalists. This session explores what The Conversation does, how you can become involved and what benefits writing for a more general audience can bring to your research.

Duration 2 hours

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: Any staff members involved in research

This is a live online event. 

Are you an academic or researcher who would like to build a media profile and take your research to a global public audience by writing for The Conversation? 

The Conversation is a news analysis and opinion website with content written by academics working with professional journalists. It is an open access, independent media charity funded by more than 80 UK and European universities (see more on its audience here). 

In this interactive session we'll take you through what The Conversation is - our origins and aims; what we do and why. 

We’ll look at why you should communicate your research to the public and take you through The Conversation’s unique, collaborative editorial process. 

We’ll give you tips on style, tone and structure (with examples), look at how to pitch (with examples) and look at different approaches and article types. 

Benefits of attending: 

  • Find out how to join a community of academic authors taking their expertise outside the institution; 
  • Understand what makes a good story and the types of articles your expertise could generate; 
  • Learn the skills of journalistic writing and how to make your writing accessible and engaging to a diverse general audience; 
  • Meet one of The Conversation’s editors and learn how we commission articles. 


Please note that there will be additional one-to-one sessions with The Conversation editors available in December, for anyone who would like to discuss translating their research into an article in more detail. You can find more information here:

for HaSS/SBS: https://bookings.strath.ac.uk/Home/Course/6186

for Science/Engineering: https://bookings.strath.ac.uk/Home/Course/6187



We are committed to ensuring our events and courses are accessible to all staff. 

  • The session will take place on Zoom. 
  • Auto-captions will be enabled. 
  • There will be audience participation. 
  • You are asked to keep your camera on. 
  • You are asked to attend the whole session. 
  • There will be a break. 
  • The session is relaxed – this means you can stretch, move around, stim etc.  
  • Digital copies of resources will be emailed to participants in advance of delivery upon request. 
  • Please contact osdu-equity@strath.ac.ukto discuss any further access requirements 

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You will get the most out of this session if, beforehand, you: Think about the sort of pieces you might potentially write, what aspects of your research might interest people, and come armed with ideas. Read some articles on The Conversation to get a sense of what we publish. Please make sure to read the pre-session briefing below: