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ADR: A Focused Conversation (Academic, Research, Teaching & KE)     show
This 60 minute ZOOM session is for Academic and Academic related staff who are ADR reviewers.

Target Audience: Academic and Academic related staff who are ADR reviewers

ADR: A Focused Conversation (APS, Operational & Technical)     show
This 60 minute ZOOM session is for APS, Operational & Technical staff who are ADR reviewers.

Target Audience: APS, Operational & Technical staff who are ADR reviewers

An Introduction to Leadership     show
This workshop will give you an introduction to Leadership at Strathclyde. It will introduce leadership, how we understand it at Strathclyde and the skills of Leadership.

Target Audience: Current and Aspiring Leaders

An Introduction to Project Management     show
This short introductory course is ideal if you are new/fairly new to projects. The aim of this course is to help you understand the principles & terminology of project management as well as giving you essential tools & techniques to help you scope, plan & deliver successful projects.

Target Audience: Staff who are needing an introduction to Project Management

Coaching Conversations     show
This course is aimed at leaders & managers. This course will provide participants with the background knowledge of non-directive coaching and techniques that can be employed in a coaching approach, coaching practice and feedback.

Target Audience: Managers and Leaders

Delegation Skills     show
This course is an introduction to delegation. Delegation is a skill which can be learned and aids team productivity and morale. It is a development process and helps people and teams to develop to their full potential.

Target Audience: Staff Supervisors

Influencing and Negotiating Skills     show
This half day workshop will develop your influencing and negotiating skills. It will explore a range of tried and tested models to help you get results, appreciate effective influencing behaviours and encourage positive conversations with others.

Target Audience: For those needing to get results with and through other people

Management Development: Leading Change     show
This one day workshop will help leaders effectively embed change. It will explore the change process and consider practical ways that leaders can manage change, how to support people through change and how to enhance their own resilience throughout change.

Target Audience: For any member of staff who is managing and leading change