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    Setup a Myplace Class/Page
    Provider   SBS Digital Learning Team

    Myplace is Strathclyde's virtual learning environment: the place of useful learning . This session provides the basics on how to structure a Myplace class/page in a unified SBS branded way to reflect our motto.

Duration 1 hour

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: Administrative Staff

After a class is created on Pegasus, a Myplace page is generated, linking the two together. Before developing the class, it is advised to set up the page in a unified theme across the programme, the department or even SBS. Cohesion on the tools, banners and information  display can greatly improve student experience, increase efficiency, and enhance the looks and feel of the platform.

This session covers:

  • Class Settings – Description, Format, Appearance, Completion, Groups.
  • Course Completion –Default Activity Completion.
  • Class Blocks – Activities, Completion Progress, Navigation, Administration, Notices, Events.
  • Class Banner.
  • Myplace Activities.
  • Myplace Resources.
  • Leganto Reading List.

This setup aims to create a cohesive and enhanced student experience, as well as, a structure for the academic staff to work on across SBS.

Delivered By: The SBS Learning Technology Team


For this session, basic knowledge on how to access Myplace and its features is assumed. We strongly recommend the following training before enlisting for this one.

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