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    SBS: Setup an IFM Class/Page
    Provider   SBS Digital Learning Team

    This session aims to demonstrate the new IFM platform and its features, along with some good practices in structuring the material to provide a smooth, engaging narrative and storytelling.

Duration 1 hour

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: SBS Academic & Administrative Staff

The Setup an IFM Class/Page training is designed to empower SBS academic and administrative staff with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the IFM platform, a Moodle-based virtual learning environment tailored for our university community. As a fork-version of Strathclyde's Myplace VLE, the IFM platform offers a unique interface and streamlined features aimed at enhancing student engagement and optimizing the learning experience.

Throughout this session, participants will gain insights into the IFM platform's distinct features, navigation, and functionalities. With a focus on fostering a smooth student experience, this training explores strategies for structuring course materials in an engaging narrative or storytelling format, promoting active learning and knowledge retention.

The topics that we cover are:

  • IFM navigation and class search.
  • Class Layout and Features.
  • Class Settings.
  • Activity Completion Tracking.
  • General Section: Class Info, Reading List, General Info.

By the end of this session, participants will be familiar with the IFM environment and will have the knowledge and skills to setup exemplary SBS IFM classes.

Delivered By: The SBS Learning Technology Team


For this session, basic knowledge on how to access Myplace and its features is assumed. We strongly recommend the following training before enlisting for this one.

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