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    EndNote part 2 – importing references
    Provider   Library Services

    Suitable for those who have familiarity with EndNote online or EndNote Desktop, this online session will focus on how to get references into your EndNote account.

Duration 1 hour

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, Academic and Support Staff.

 EndNote referencing software can be a useful tool to save you time while conducting research. One of the features of EndNote is that the references which you retrieve in a search can be imported into your account, saving you time entering bibliographic data manually. If you have a basic understanding of EndNote and want to find out more about how to import references into your EndNote account, this is the class for you. Taking examples of favourite databases from attendees alongside SUPrimo and Google Scholar, we’ll show you how references can be imported from several sources. We will also cover how to edit an imported reference within EndNote.

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Attendees must have basic familiarity with either EndNote Desktop or EndNote Online. This familiarity can have been obtained by attending one of our sessions, completing our workbook or can be self taught. Users of either version of EndNote (or both versions) are welcome to attend.