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    SBS: Setup Assessment Activities
    Provider   SBS Digital Learning Team

    Formative and summative assessment are both important in the learning process. Myplace has a variety of tools available that can be used to support assessment in Business Higher Education.

Duration 1 hour 30 mins

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: SBS Academic & Administrative Staff

In this session we explore all the different tools that Myplace has, to support formative and summative assessment. For example, assignments and quizzes are the two most common practices for summative assessment. The workshop, forum and blog activities are highly collaborative and can be used in both formative and summative assessment or to facilitate online learning communities. Another area that we cover is how to setup these activities tailored to your needs.

The topics covered are:

  • The benefits of online assessment.
  • Assessment activities explained.
  • Setup Assignments, Quizzes, Forums, Blogs.

By the end of the session, you should be able to create assessment activities, identify at least one collaborative activity that matches your teaching style, and balance your formative and summative assessment.

Delivered By: The SBS Learning Technology Team


For this session, basic knowledge on how to access Myplace and its features is assumed. We strongly recommend the following training before enlisting for this one.

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