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ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)     show
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day interactive workshop in suicide first aid.

Target Audience: All staff and students

Business Development Skills     show
This half day business skills course will focus on developing core communication, relationship & customer service skills. These skills are crucial to overall business growth and client relationships.

Target Audience: Staff involved in building client relationships

Complaints Champion Workshops - Copy     show
This 90 minute briefing session is for staff taking on the role of Complaints Champions and will include a short briefing on this role followed by an interactive Q & A session.

Target Audience: All Staff

Conferencing & Event Organisation At Strathclyde     show
A half day session on the practicalities of organising a conference or event within the University. The session is designed for anyone undertaking the organisation and running of an event within the University of Strathclyde.

Target Audience: Staff members who organise conferences & events

Confidential Waste Information Session     show
An information session to introduce staff to the new confidential waste uplift procedure.

Target Audience: All University staff

Customer Service Skills     show
Participants in this full day workshop will gain invaluable skills and techniques that are the fundamentals of service professionalism and you will be encourage to take pride in what you do.

Target Audience: All Staff

Cyber security - Skills Boost     show
Learn how to protect your devices and personal data online.

Target Audience: All students and staff.

DDC Disability Awareness     show
Workshop on Disability Awareness for Departmental Disability Contacts as part of a training and development programme.

Target Audience: Departmental Disability Contacts

Departmental Fire Safety Training     show
To provide comprehensive guidance and advice regarding the roles and responsbilities of both Fire Safety Co-ordinators and Fire Safety Assistants, to ensure fire safety is managed on a day-to-day basis and suitable arrangements are in place to effect a safe evacuation of the building.

Target Audience: Staff

Develop Yourself @Strathclyde Series     show
Develop Yourself @Strathclyde is a series of 5 personal and career development sessions taking place over one day each month from September 2018 until November 2018.

Target Audience: Support Staff

Disability Awareness for Professional Services Staff     show
This is a three-hour disability awareness workshop aimed at professional services staff

Target Audience: Professional Services Staff

Exam preparation - Skills Boost     show
Looking at both preparation and performance, this workshop explores ways to successfully negotiate the exam process.

Target Audience: All students and staff.

Faculty Forum - Academic & Teaching Staff     show
An opportunity for Academic and Teaching Staff to meet with the Dean and to raise any concerns that they have.

Target Audience: Faculty of Science - Academic & Teaching Staff

Historic newspapers - Skills boost     show
Explore Strathclyde’s collection of electronic newspapers covering the 17th to 20th centuries.

Target Audience: All students and staff.

Introduction to Archives and Special Collections     show
Introduction to Archives and Special Collections.

Target Audience: UG

Leadership Development Prog (1st line leadership) - Intro Session     show
This is an hour session which will introduce participants to the course content and structure, how to engage in the optional elements of the programme, pre-programme objective setting and the options for ILM accreditation.

Target Audience: First Line Managers responsible for Supervising Staff

Professional Services Development Programme     show
The purpose of the programme is to equip admin staff to develop in their role. It has been designed to support the standards as described in both the Strathclyde Job Level Descriptors and the SVQ Level 4 award in Administration.

Target Audience: APS Staff Grade 4 and above

Responding Effectively to Disclosures of Gender-based violence (GBV)     show
The aim of this one day course is to equip members of staff to respond to disclosures of gender based violence in a way that is timely, appropriate and non-judgemental, and to do this with a clear understanding of the immediate needs of the survivor.

Target Audience: Those who work in a front-facing role with students or staff in a support or advisory role who may have to respond to a confidential disclosure about gender based violence.

SEES Gathering: Marketing at Strathclyde     show
A rolling programme of staff engagement sessions for all SEES staff which will provide opportunities for getting to know each other; providing updates; Q&A sessions; networking opportunities; greater understanding about the diversity of SEES and sharing best practice.

Target Audience: Staff

STEP - Teaching and Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse Students     show
This session will explore working with trans and gender diverse students, and consider the ways in which we can cultivate inclusive teaching and learning environments.

Target Audience: Those involved in teaching, learning and assessment, those with an interest in supporting trans and gender diverse students

STEP - Working with students who are d/Deaf or hearing impaired     show
The aim of this session is to raise awareness of the barriers to learning that d/Deaf and hearing impaired students may face.

Target Audience: Teaching, Academic and APS Staff

Student centred customer service for technicians     show
The aim of this full day course for technicians is to explore various models and approaches to customer service and build the skills essential in delivering an excellent student centred technical service.

Target Audience: Technicians

Train the Trainer     show
The course is designed for those with limited or no prior experience of planning & delivering training. It is intended for candidates with subject knowledge whose job role includes the training of others in small groups settings & in work-related learning contexts.

Target Audience: For Staff whose job role includes the training of others

Using Web of Science for research     show
How to use Web of Science to find out about developments in your research field.

Target Audience: Staff and PostGraduates

What is Gender-based Violence (GBV)?     show
The aim of this half day course is to highlight what gender-based violence is, why it happens and will focus on good practice responses

Target Audience: Those who work in a front-facing role with students or staff in a support or advisory role such as in University Residences, Estates and Security services, HR, Student Advice and Health Services, Student Advisors, OH, Academic Course Administration

Working with students who are d/Deaf or hearing impaired     show

Target Audience: Academic Staff, Front Line Professional Services Staff

Writing Effective Emails     show
This half day workshop will include participatory activities and exercises to hone writing skills in an email context. Benefits to participants are a polished and professional email style that reflects well on the organisation as a whole.

Target Audience: All Staff